Fermerfood is a marketplace for farm products in Belarus.

A platform where farmers can post their goods and customers can buy natural products without intermediaries.

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About the product:
Fermerfood is not only a place where farmers can place their products, but buyers can purchase them. This is a whole ecosystem in which portal users can get up-to-date information about food products, such as: news, articles, promotions, recipes and cooking secrets.
The marketing.by news portal has already told about the appearance of the service and case.

The service solves two main user stories, from the side of the Seller and the Buyer. For example, you are a farmer Andrey from the village of Vyacha and you raise goats, make milk and cheese. You can register on the portal and post your products. You will be immediately displayed in the online map of farmers. And there is Nicoletta's mom who is allergic to cow's milk. The girl's mom is looking for fresh goat milk on the Internet. She is shown a farmer from the village of Vyacha and 10 more options for farmers from other cities. On the map, she sees that it is 20 minutes from her town to the village and negotiates directly with the farmer Andrey. She goes and takes fresh milk and cheese for her husband in addition. She liked the product. She leaves a review to the farmer and the next time she may not search for goat milk in the search for a service, she immediately looks for the farmer that she liked through the farmers tab. Becomes his client. Or another example. You are preparing a dinner party at home. And it turns out that the store in which you planned to buy a rabbit: it is not. You search the internet and find Fermerfood. Further in the product section, you see the status: in stock. Hooray! Moreover, 5 km from you is a godsend. And the farmer warns you that when you want to cook next time, you can order it in advance. And even with delivery.
About the customer:
This service is based on two expertise: the experience of one of the largest European-level distribution companies in the country and the ilavista developer company.
The company "Vladprodimport" - the Customer deliberately came to the creation of the service. It has been on the food market of the Republic of Belarus since 1995. One of the principles of the company: DIСTUM - FASTUM (said - done), following which made it possible to create one of the largest distribution company in the country at a European level using advanced technologies. In Zaslavl, the company has its own logistics center with a warehouse area of ​​over 18,000 m2. 5 warehouses on the territory of the Republic of Belarus with medium-temperature refrigerators. > 4,500 Serviced outlets. Shop for the production of confectionery. Own vehicle fleet of 25 vehicles from 3 to 20 tons. And also 24 hectares of sea buckthorn.
Vladprodimport works with all retail chains of the Republic, including: GIPPO, Neighbors, Euroopt, Vitalyur, Korona, Santa, Almi.
First experience in digital:
Vladprodimport is an offline giant. They decided to expand their horizons and try to enter the site online. In April 2019, the first Belarusian culinary website https://gurman.io was created. The site made it possible to:
Keep your own culinary blog. Those. you can register as an author and post your recipes.
Recipes on the site can be selected by ingredients, ie, for example, there are some products in the refrigerator ... you can write them into the site's search engine - and recipes with these products will be offered.
In the recipe for the dishes, a list of the necessary products is immediately formed, depending on the planned portions.
Calorie content is counted for each dish.
It was also planned to form a site for farm products on the site. As a result, the site went into production, but did not receive the expected “wow” effect from users. Work on it was suspended for a year. This was the first large offline digital experience.

Startup Fermerfood:
The site was built as a single-page application. Has product and farmer catalogs, farmer rating, FAQ, news, blogs, etc.
The creation of the Fermerfood platform was approached with accumulated experience and deliberately. The original idea was to create an online map of farmers. The site functions independently from the first culinary. There are three types of users: Farmer, Buyer, Administrator. User stories have been painted. Here is some of them:
User 1 (farmer) can register on the site himself or the manager can transfer access to the page to him.
User 1 (farmer) can get into his personal account and fill out information about himself, go through moderation and get into the Farmers directory.
User 1 (farmer) can add a product to himself, go through moderation, and his products will be included in the product catalog.
User 2 (buyer) can visit the site.
User 2 (the buyer) can go to the farmer directory, use the filters, and view the Farmer's page with the products he provides.
User 2 (buyer) can go to the product catalog and see the product card with information about the Farmer who publishes the product.
The administrator in the administration panel moderates Farmers, Products. The administrator in the administration panel creates news, articles.

Before starting the prototyping stage, work was carried out on the detailing of the technical task. For this, site maps and mind maps were built in order to check the entire user flow for a future project and clearly understand which functions on which pages will be located. After approval, we started drawing wireframes for the project. First, the information pages, then the farmers' personal account, as well as the administration panel for convenient interaction between the business and the site.

After agreeing on the entire structure and functionality with the customers, a mood board for the project was assembled, and opinions differed on the minimalistic style, since this is still a service, and a rich website with flying food and animated animals from the main stakeholder. After long discussions, we agreed that the site itself would be lightweight, but let's add a little interest with drawn animals with animation on the background of the pages.

To add even more air and lightness to the site and increase its information content, the grid was chosen not with bootstrap, but with an intercolumnar spacing of 60 pt, due to which it is easy for the eye to perceive the information on the pages.

The color, of course, is green as an accent color, since the theme of farm products, which by themselves or their ingredients are produced on the farm in the field (well, or just on the farm), but other colors were used for each product category.

After agreeing on the web version of the design for a resolution of 1440, banners were rendered for a resolution of 1920, as well as a mobile version with a width of 360pt, taking into account devices with a width of 320pt.
This is the first MVP site model. It is already operational https://fermerfood.by.

There is a second planned iteration in the development of the platform. The job is to integrate the culinary site into the Ferma platform. The essence of the bundle is to allow farmers to post recipes on the culinary site and mark their products in the recipes. Or a third party (buyer) could also place the dish of the recipe for which it was made and mark the ingredient. This chain will allow you to weave two product sites into a single ecosystem. Where there are Belarusian farmers, recipes, buyers, eco and health. Benefits of the platform for the user: In total, Fermerfood is a platform that connects farmers and buyers directly, without intermediaries. Here you can find products from farmers, that is, natural, ecological. Favorable conditions for farmers: Prices without surcharges; Convenient product catalog; Complete directory of farmers; Interactive map of farmers. For the farmer, this is a great opportunity to go from offline to online. The farmer's page with his products is like his own website. And you don't need to spend $ 100-$ 1500 to create your own separate one. You can sell directly from the platform. You can also send a link to your page to customers, it's like their personal mini-site. Also, marketing budgets are not required, the platform itself is interested in recognition. The farmer does not need to advertise himself separately. Selling your products over the Internet is now easy! After registration, the farmer places products for free and can communicate with customers. The site is visited by people who are interested in buying natural products. It is important for farmers to treat their page like their own site. Deal with it, monitor the relevance. Communicate with buyers. You need to share links to your page - this will allow more people to know about your product. 

 Development stages: 
1. Collection of information 
2. Mind map Technical task 
3. Prototyping (UX) 
4. Design (UI) 
5. Front-end development 
The site uses Vue, VueX, Vue Router, Bootstrap, Axios 
6. Back-end development Technologies: 
Js (Vue.js) Sass Php (Laravel) MySQL A personal account for the farmer was implemented. With the ability to edit personal information, add products and galleries. The project implements the integration of the Google Maps API. Added and styled farmers' labels. 
7. Testing (QA) Launch in production (domain and hosting) 
8. SEO optimization Site connections to web analytics systems and other third-party resources. 
9. Marketing strategy List of technologies used: Js (Vue.js) Sass Php (Laravel) MySQL Vue VueX Vue Router Bootstrap Axios 

 Project implementation period:
 12 months 

At the moment, the site continues to be refined. All tasks are broken down into iterations. The development of a system for integrating a culinary site is to be developed. Marketing strategy is being implemented.


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