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The project team:


Co-Founder | Team Lead


Co-Founder | Internet marketing | PM


Ведущий веб-дизайнер


Front-end developer


Digital marketing


Website conversion increase service.

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The service has been developed over 6 months and is based on a deep study of marketing,
The service has been developed over 6 months and is based on an in-depth study of marketing, analytics and methods for increasing the conversion of the site.

How it works?
The user visits the site. While a person is studying the information, a window appears on the page. The pop-up notification does not annoy the visitor: it does not cover the page overview and does not look like a spam message. A neat window lights up with a call from your company and encourages the person to take the action you desire.

At this stage, the following functionality has been implemented:
User registration
Personal Area
Payment system
Pop-up creation functionality
Statistics system

We tell and show real examples of websites of companies that have connected

The owners of Silver Moon jewelry store wanted to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

For 21 days of the program 608 clicks + 100 followers on Instagram.

Clients of "Reklef", place outdoor advertising in Belarus. It is important for them to bring users from the site to Telegram. There the client places an order and gets feedback faster.

For 13 days of operation, 17 clicks on the window + 17 transitions in Telegram.

List of technologies used:
  • Laravel 8

  • MySQL

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • jQuery

  • AJAX

  • Bootstrap 4

  • Font Awesome


  • Vuetify

  • Vue Router

  • Vuex

  • vue.js

  • Redis


  • Docker

  • Flutter

    Team for the project: project manager, project manager, UX | UI designer, front-end developer, back-end developer

    At this stage, the service is being finalized. We have come up with new tools. Now the stage of their implementation: prototyping the interface. We will also change the design a little. It is not planned to provide the ability to create a “custom” notification and widgets yet. We develop ready-made templates to make it look really nice and be effective from the point of view. marketing.

    Project implementation period: 6 months, still in development.