Findgid - development of a web platform and mobile app for searching excursions around the world

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10 months

01 Findgid

Let's talk about the stages of
Findgid development

The experience of the team is important in the development of marketplaces. A marketplace is an interaction between several categories of users. An important feature of the marketplace is the complete independence of users from the participation of the platform. Therefore, the interface should be completely "Do yourself".

We use flexible Agile and Scrum methodology that allow us to create projects that meet business requirements.

Tools: Jira, confluence (to define tasks), Miro, Figma (to create site maps).

All research (creation of value proposition, customer profile, CJM and scenarios) are made in Figma.

Tools: Figma, Sketch (interfaces and prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (graphics), InVision (prototyping), Adobe After Effect (video content).

Tools: Vue.js (vuex, vue-router etc.), Bootstrap 5, GSAP, html, css, js.

Technologies: AMP (google technology for loading boost and website work), SPA (technology for website work without page reload), PWA (for mobile app functionality).

We use Laravel Framework (v9) - an open source php framework, as well as related technologies (MySQL, Redis, Docker, etc.)

Channels: content marketing, SEO, paid advertisement (search, media, targeted).

Tools: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica (web-analytics tools), third-party services creating quizzes, lead-forms, scheduled posting, masslooking/massliking, chat bots, pop-up windows./massliking, chatbots, pop-ups.

02 Main page + Catalog

Findgid is a service for searching excursions around the world, where professional guides can post their excursions and sell guide services, and travelers can purchase excursions using a catalog with advanced filtering.

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03 Traveler's personal account

The user can register as a traveler to find a tour suitable for himself or his company, book and pay for it, manage his bookings through his personal account, and also communicate with guides to discuss all the details.

Developing prototypes
and interfaces in Figma

04 Guide's personal account

The user can register on the platform as a guide, place author's excursions and get new customers using the service, manage bookings and communicate with travelers.

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05 Administration panel

The project has an administration panel through which the administrator approves new guides, has the ability to see all excursions and all travelers, creates cities and countries, and configures the website.

06 Mobile app

For iOS and Android operating systems, in addition to the web portal, using Flutter technology a mobile app was developed that fully contains all the functionality of the web platform.

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