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During our work we have launched more than 50 projects. Each project is a unique product based on a modern technology stack. We take a responsible approach to our work: we analyze the market, offer an effective solution to the problem, manage the development process from the creation of technical specifications to support the running project.

It is important for us to build a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation with the client. Therefore, you can be sure that the project will be implemented on time and in full compliance with the technical specifications.

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A single-page application (SPA) is a website or a web application that communicate with the users by dynamically rewriting the current page rather than loading entire new pages from a server. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native mobile applications.



This sites has a structure that is developed according to the rules of "sales funnels". Each block of the site tells the user about the product or service and leads to a decision, either to place an order or make a phone call. This structure, in line with modern individual design allows you to create a good impression about the company and increases the conversion



Before creating the site, we study the customer's business and develop design and functionality for specific tasks. We do not use templates or site builders. We create projects on "clean code". Such sites have faster download speeds, they are better perceived by search engines. The main thing is that such an approach allows us to create a complex functionality - filtering systems, user registration, service catalogs, price calculators. All this makes the site not just a page on the Internet, but an effective tool for attracting customers.



You need a complex system adapted individually for your business? Or you wanted to realize your startup idea? Our team will be happy to help you. In the implementation of your projects, we use only modern technologies and relevant solutions. We conduct the project from the stage of drawing up the technical specifications, to testing and maintenance of the finished solution. We observe the deadlines responsibly and fit into the given budget.

we also specialize in

Creating MVP for start-up projects

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development. Gathering insights from an MVP is often less expensive than developing a product with more features, which increases costs and risk if the product fails, for example, due to incorrect assumptions.

Creation of technical requirements and technical specifications for MVP

Coordination of the scope of work and expected results, creation of supporting documentation necessary for project development, technical recommendations and consultation

MVP development

Prototyping, design and technical implementation of the working product for testing hypotheses in real conditions, collecting feedback from users, demonstrating to stakeholders and attracting investments. Install Analytics systems to collect information about user behavior.

Preparation of materials for investors

Investment teaser, brief investment proposal, brief description of the project: the essence of the project, the current ownership structure, the required amount of investment, investor participation conditions, analysis of the market situation, forecasts of market trends and dynamics of the main financial indicators for the period of the project, the estimated profitability and payback of the project.

Marketing activities for project promotion

The formation of the media field of the project: the company's blog creation, the creation of groups in social networks, the creation and distribution of media content, the creation and implementation of affiliate and referral programs.

Our clients

                        cash back service Kopikot

International cash back service Kopikot

Reshenie Bank
                        Joint-Stock Company (R-Bank JSC)

Reshenie Bank Joint-Stock Company (R-Bank JSC)

One of the largest
                        distribution and logistics companies in the Republic of Belarus

One of the largest distribution and logistics companies in the Republic of Belarus

Luxury night club
                        and bar Dozari

Luxury night club and bar "Dozari"

Network of diamond
                        jewelry stores IVEL

Network of diamond jewelry stores "IVEL"

One of the best
                        advertising agencies in Belarus SALMON GRAPHICS

One of the best advertising agencies in Belarus "SALMON GRAPHICS"

Opera casino

world-class casino "Opera" and hotel "Beijing"

Public Sport
                        Association Revival

Public Sport Association "Revival"

Logistic Center
                        Capital Logistics

Logistic Center "Capital Logistics"

                        Belarusian airsoft club Kalibr

Biggest Belarusian airsoft club "Kalibr"


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