Creating WEB projects
of any level of complexity

Creating WEB projects and StartUps with any functionality: from services and information portals, up to individual CRM systems.

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the creation of a startup

You need a complex system adapted individually to needs of your business? Or you wanted to implement your startup idea? Our team will be happy to help!

We use only modern technologies and up-to-date solutions. We conduct the project from developing a technical specification, to testing and support for a production product. We meet deadlines responsibly and fit into the set time frame and budget.



we use Laravel to create internet projects

PHP Framework "Laravel 8"

to create project logic

as cache and message broker


as cache and message broker

real-time and event-based communication between the browser and the server

real-time and event-based communication between the browser and the server

we use MySQL to create Internet projects


as a database


we use the Vue JavaScript framework to create websites


as the front-end framework

Material Design Component Framework


Material Design Component Framework

we use Bootstrap to create Internet projects


to create an adaptive design

we use pure HTML + CSS + JS to create Internet projects


to layout site pages

Our clients

ilavista client A1


clients to create website Danone


client to create a website - MAXBET -international gaming company

MAXBET - international gaming company

клиент веб-студии илависта банк Приорбанк


clients to create the website - Avalontorg

Avalontorg - distribution and logistics company

клиент веб-студии илависта банк МТБанк


client to develop a website - Logistics company Capital Logistic

Capital Logistic - logistics company

clients to create a Bank solution website

"Solution" bank

client site development - jewelry chain IVEL

IVEL jewelry store

client to create a casino website - Opera

Opera casino

client to create a lavista website - salmon graphics

Salmon Graphics - advertising agency

client to create a site - the Nizkiz rock group

Nizkiz rock band

clients to create a website - club dozari

Dozari night club

Prestigio international brand

Prestigio - international brand

clients to create website - the Silver Moon jewelry

Silver Moon jewelry

DAB web Studio clients

DAB creative Agency

clients to create an online store for Korean cosmetics K-Beauty

Korean cosmetics store K-Beauty

клиент веб-студии илависта креативное агентство getbob

"getbob" digital agency


Design portfolio

creating a web design for an electronics manufacturer
creating a design for a travel Agency
creating a design for a yoga site
creating a design for an online women's clothing store
creating a web design for a health food manufacturer
website development for a beauty salon
website development for a watch manufacturer
creating a design for a food manufacturer
You can find more in our the profiles here |

What technologies are we working with?

создание progressive web apps - PWA

Progressive Web Application

Technology that allows the site to interact with the user as an application. In other words, the user can install it on a smartphone or PC, get notifications and work with it without an Internet connection.

создание Accelerated Mobile Pages - AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Technology that allows you to speed up site loading (according to the documentation, AMP pages load in less than 1 second and use 10 times less data than the same pages without AMP). This technology has a positive effect on SEO.

создание Single Page Application - SPA

Single Page Application

A Single-Page application is a website that allows you to interact with the site without clicking through the pages. SPA allows you to implement complex interfaces and helps to make the site user-friendly and responsive.

What is included in the price

Business analytics

Every project begins with identification of your unique selling proposition (USP), analysis of the target audience (TA), collecting data about competitors and determining the site goals.

UX prototyping

After the stage of forming the technical task, we create layouts for the future site based on our experience and researches in the field of User Experience. This process allows you to make the site as convenient and effective as possible.

Unique adaptive design

Each project is designed by a separate professional designer who creates a unique design with taking into account the site's performance on various devices and current trends in the field of User Experience (UX).


We register the site in Google Search Console, optimize the meta description, speed of the site, install the SSL security certificate, and perform other work to improve site's positions in the search.

More than 80 completed projects

we have extensive experience in creating websites for a wide variety of areas, from the simplest landing pages to sales of goods, up to information portals and start-up projects

Our sites load 90% faster

thanks to Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages technology, we are increasing the site loading speed, which has a positive effect on the site's ranking in search engines

75% of our clients came to us based on recommendations

we fulfill our obligations and try to do more than is expected of us, as a result our main source of orders is customers we have worked with

Our team

Everyone in our team is passionate about what they do. Each specialist tries to grow in the chosen field, monitors trends in the industry and sincerely care about his work. We encourage professionalism, responsibility and constant training. Besides commercial the team is successful works on internal projects of the studio, speaks at conferences and conducts training session events.

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Video review of working with ilavista

our clients talk about the project development process with the ilavista team, as well as share their impressions, talk about difficulties and how we overcame them together

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