How to Move

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Социальная платформа




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Front-end / Back-end




Implementation period

6 months


We tell you about the stages

The team's experience is important in the development of online services. A complex platform is the interaction between several categories of users. An important feature of the platform is the complete independence of users, without the participation of the platform. Therefore, the interface should be completely “Do yourself". All services are developed to monetize the idea. From whom to earn, which monetization system to choose. How to scale the earnings of the platform and the organization? All these issues were also on the side of the la vista team. As a result, the client received a turnkey product.

The first stage of development was the writing of the terms of reference. To store technical requirements for the project, version control and create a backlog for the future, we used confluens. The terms of reference were formed by a business analyst. All user scenarios, the structure of personal accounts and business logic - all this was on the side of the ilavista team. The client could only coordinate.

All research (creation of value proposition maps, personas, COM and scenarios) is done in Figma.

Tools: Figma, Sketch (for interfaces and prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (for graphics), InVision (for prototyping), Adobe After Effects (for video content).

Tools: Vue.js (View, View Router, etc.), 5 Downloads, SUP surfing, HTML and CSS, and JS.

Technologies: AMP (Google technology to speed up the loading and operation of the site), SPA (technology for the operation of the site without reloading pages), PWA (for the functionality of the mobile application).

We use Laravel Framework (v9), an open source php framework, as well as related technologies (MySQL, Redis, Docker, etc.)

Channels: content marketing, search engine promotion (SEO), paid advertising (search, display, targeted)

Channels: content marketing, search engine promotion (SEO), paid advertising (search, display, targeted)

02 Login / Registration

Login / registration on the platform is carried out via email or social networks such as Google, Facebook, Apple. The user can also use the service without registration.

01 - Registration via email
02 - The account was disabled
03 - Login via email
04 - Forgot your password
03 Home + Referral Page

The main page displays the most popular/recent articles, as well as your personal subscription feed with the most relevant articles for you. Do you know the exact place where you would like to move? Choose a country from the list, use the filter by tags and go to the directions page!

Alt text
04 Grid + Typography + Colors
05 Article

Read articles on areas of interest to you, share your opinion in the comments and add articles to favorites to easily find them again in the future ;)

Alt text
06 Authors, companies and directions

On the platform, you can find many authors and companies that help with the relocation to different countries. Subscribing to accounts and destinations is an easy way to keep track of your timeline and find out what's going on with the destinations you're interested in.

Alt text
07 Author's page + Company page
01 - Author's profile
02 - Company profile
08 Admin Panel

Проект «How to Move» включает в себя более 500 отрисованных экранов как десктопной версии (1440 х 900), так и мобильной версии (360 x 640). Разработка дизайна длилась 3 месяца.

01 - Author's profile
02 - Admin Panel / Users
03 - Admin Panel / FL User
04 - Admin Panel / Applications for volunteering
05 - Admin Panel / Application
06 - Admin Panel / Complaints
07 - Admin Panel / Support Chat
08 - Admin Panel / Managers

+ 500 screens

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