GTE GmbH Driver App is an app for drivers of the company aimed at optimizing logistics operations

Project type

Mobile application




Technical Requirement



Front-end / Back-end



Публикация на Google Play


Implementation period

3 months

01 GTE GmbH Driver

Stages of

The GTE GmbH Driver App is the ideal app for easy communication and efficient exchange of information within the company. This powerful app has been developed specifically to optimize daily logistics operations and improve cooperation between employees.

We use flexible Agile and Scrum methodology that allow us to create projects that meet business requirements.

Tools: Jira, confluence (to define tasks), Miro, Figma (to create site maps).

All research (creation of value proposition, customer profile, CJM and scenarios) are made in Figma.

Tools: Figma, Sketch (interfaces and prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (graphics), InVision (prototyping), Adobe After Effect (video content).

Tools: Vue.js (vuex, vue-router etc.), Bootstrap 5, GSAP, html, css, js.

Technologies: AMP (google technology for loading boost and website work), SPA (technology for website work without page reload), PWA (for mobile app functionality).

We use Laravel Framework (v9) - an open source php framework, as well as related technologies (MySQL, Redis, Docker, etc.)

Channels: content marketing, SEO, paid advertisement (search, media, targeted).

Tools: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica (web-analytics tools), third-party services creating quizzes, lead-forms, scheduled posting, masslooking/massliking, chat bots, pop-up windows./massliking, chatbots, pop-ups.

02 Onboarding

Login and registration screens. Password entry is available both manually and using Face ID, TouchID

03 Main page

A profile with the necessary information, documents and the ability to change the password

04 Routes

A screen with routes and detailed information on each of them

05 Vacation system

The vacation system and statistics on them. It is possible to create a vacation request

06 Cost accounting

The cost accounting screen for each trip

07 Notifications

A screen with notifications by category

08 Technologies

We used MobX as a state management. The notification system is implemented using Firebase. The app is available on Google Play Market and Apple Store.

Technologies used



PHP8, Docker, MySQL, GIT


Internal and external services of the company

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