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Mobile application




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Mob apps / Back-end



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8 months

01 Social Network

Stages of

Integrating the idea into reality, the new application was born out of a desire to provide a unique tool for communicating with neighbors. We have developed a special algorithm that allows users to join private chats with residents of their house, as well as representatives of the HOA or the Criminal Code, where only "their" issues are discussed. The news feed displays the latest events and news of the area, creating a unique virtual community.

With this application, you can quickly solve housing problems, find like-minded people, rent real estate, exchange goods and services, and, of course, just communicate with those who live nearby. Welcome to the world of convenience and mutual assistance!

We use flexible Agile and Scrum methodology that allow us to create projects that meet business requirements.

Tools: Jira, confluence (to define tasks), Miro, Figma (to create site maps).

All research (creation of value proposition, customer profile, CJM and scenarios) are made in Figma.

Tools: Figma, Sketch (interfaces and prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (graphics), InVision (prototyping), Adobe After Effect (video content).

Tools: Vue.js (vuex, vue-router etc.), Bootstrap 5, GSAP, html, css, js.

Technologies: AMP (google technology for loading boost and website work), SPA (technology for website work without page reload), PWA (for mobile app functionality).

We use Laravel Framework (v9) - an open source php framework, as well as related technologies (MySQL, Redis, Docker, etc.)

Channels: content marketing, SEO, paid advertisement (search, media, targeted).

Tools: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica (web-analytics tools), third-party services creating quizzes, lead-forms, scheduled posting, masslooking/massliking, chat bots, pop-up windows./massliking, chatbots, pop-ups.

02 Registration

Community management and the search for atmospheric communities for users is an important step in using the application. Before you start, it is important to note that if you plan to create and manage a community on your account, you need to consider this from the very beginning. Our detailed instructions will help you register in the app, as well as fill out a profile. Each line of the profile has its own significance, which affects the display of your interests in the community.

03 Functionality

After successful registration and filling out the profile, the user gets access to a variety of functions: participation in events, adding to favorites, communicating with other users.

04 Chat

The application provides a powerful tool for communication - chat, which offers flexible and versatile functionality. Users can use both open and closed chats, exchange text messages, multimedia files and emojis, and create a comfortable space for communication.

Additional features include viewing the list of participants, configuring chat settings and conveniently displaying the chat in the interface applications. Thus, the chat functionality in the application provides not only a means of communication, but also a whole range of tools for effective and pleasant interaction between participants.

05 Technologies

An innovative application based on a clean architecture using an efficient Block state manager. Our development has used many powerful libraries, including dio, sign_in_with_apple, flutter_secure_storage, laravel_echo2, timezone, firebase_messaging, photo_view, and others to provide the application with high performance and reliability.

The use of the BLoC-architecture and the integration of various libraries allow the application to effectively manage states, ensuring responsiveness and structuring. A library like laravel_echo 2 has helped us develop fast and high-quality chats so that users receive messages instantly.

Technologies used



Laravel, PHP8, Docker, MySQL, GIT

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