Tattoo Manager is a CRM system for tattoo artists.

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CRM system


Tatto Manager




Mob apps / Back-end


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3 months

01 Tatoo Manager

Stages of

At the beginning of the journey, there was a dream - to create a convenient tool for tattoo artists. In this vein, we figure out how to turn an idea into an application, which will become an integral part of the daily work of professionals.

Our goal was to make it intuitive and attractive. The original calendars and the session type filtering system have become key features.

Tattoo Manager is not just an application, it is your reliable assistant in managing sessions, business and improving work efficiency. Welcome to the world of convenience and professionalism!

We use flexible Agile and Scrum methodology that allow us to create projects that meet business requirements.

Tools: Jira, confluence (to define tasks), Miro, Figma (to create site maps).

All research (creation of value proposition, customer profile, CJM and scenarios) are made in Figma.

Tools: Figma, Sketch (interfaces and prototyping), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator (graphics), InVision (prototyping), Adobe After Effect (video content).

Tools: Vue.js (vuex, vue-router etc.), Bootstrap 5, GSAP, html, css, js.

Technologies: AMP (google technology for loading boost and website work), SPA (technology for website work without page reload), PWA (for mobile app functionality).

We use Laravel Framework (v9) - an open source php framework, as well as related technologies (MySQL, Redis, Docker, etc.)

Channels: content marketing, SEO, paid advertisement (search, media, targeted).

Tools: Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica (web-analytics tools), third-party services creating quizzes, lead-forms, scheduled posting, masslooking/massliking, chat bots, pop-up windows./massliking, chatbots, pop-ups.

02 Main page

Tatto Manager is a mobile application for convenient session management. The application has a session calendar in several interpretations (original calendar, linear calendar), thanks to them the user can create a session for a specific day, use convenient filtering by session type (session, consultation, correction), delete a session, edit a session, go to a page of a specific day with sessions for it.

03 Shop with goods

There is a store with goods in the application, the master can add the goods he needs to the cart, and then place an order through the application. To place an order, the system prompts the wizard to fill in the "Checkout" page, after which the user will be redirected to the payment. After a successful purchase, the goods are added to the master's warehouse. The warehouse can be either personal or studio. In the warehouse, we provided the user with a filter by studio, brand and color. The master can use goods from the warehouse for convenient session management, we provide the opportunity to add one or another product as a consumable to the session.

04 User Profile

The user's profile consists of his personal information(which can be viewed and edited), "Order history" (A page for tracking the status of orders and viewing the order history), "Weekend Calendar" (A page on which there is a calendar on which the user can select days for rest, they will be displayed on his personal calendar and at the studio for which he works), "Analytics" (Master's income page), "Support", "Assistant", "Referral link"

05 Technologies

Our application has a concise architecture based on the use of a powerful Block state manager. In addition to this, we have integrated a variety of libraries, including dio, firebase_analytics, flutter_secure_storage, get_it, timezone, firebase_messaging, photo_view and many others. This careful combination of tools ensures high performance and reliability of the application, as well as optimal interaction with a variety of functionality.

Technologies used



PHP8, Docker, MySQL, GIT


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